Layer advertisement

Layer Ads are very popular advertising method these days as they are really efficient in catching attention easily.

They appear whenever a visitor visits a site that contains a Layer-Ad code but are not seen as pop-ups and therefore are not blocked by browsers.

The big advantage with layer advertisements is that they reaches 100% viewing and have proven themselves best when advertisers want quick attention and action.

We are offering five different formats of Layer-Ads: 300x250, 500x400, 650x420, 750x450 and 800x600.

What, Can I adjust at my adspace?

It's possible to choose explicit between 5 different sizes:

  • 300x250
  • 500x400
  • 680x420
  • 750x450
  • 800x600

It's also possible to use all formats.

With the rating you can decide which rating and niche of advertisement should be displayed on your website and with your personal referal link you can invite other webmasters and advertisers to EroAdvertising and get a commission.

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